Of Paella, Matadors, Flamenco and Siesta

Spain’s diverse landscapes stir the soul. Here, grand monuments to the past coexist alongside architectural creations of such daring that it becomes clear Spain's future will be every bit as original as its past. For all the talk of Spain's history, this is a country that lives very much in the present and there's a reason 'fiesta' is one of the best-known words in the Spanish language – life itself is a fiesta here and everyone seems to be invited.

Spain is the original golf holiday destination for the Brits. From the northern borders with France all the way to the southern coastlines, every region of Spain has many great golf courses to make a special holiday. With more than 50 million visitors each year it is no surprise to hear that Spain is still one of Europe’s premier golfing destinations and also one of the first European countries to successfully market the “package golf holiday” making life so very easy for visitors. Just be here to believe it!!

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