Land of fairytales

Known worldwide for its classical music, architectural treasures, and rich cultural heritage, Austria's imperial history has left historical gems throughout the country. The beautiful landscapes, quaint towns and cities are a reflection of the impressive history and culture that has developed over the centuries. The country´s plethora of stories and tales, legends and mysteries and unknown secrets add to the attractiveness of the destination right in the heart of Europe. In addition, Austria’s vibrant wine and culinary scene has earned a worldwide reputation for quality and innovation, and is a perfect Mecca for those seeking energy, culture & charm.

While you may not associate Austria with golf right away, golfers will definitely not be disappointed by the country´s offerings either. Austria boasts high-quality golf and was nominated as one of the top 4 candidates for the Ryder Cup 2022. You will definitely be charmed by the sense of tradition, love of life and warm hospitality that defines the Austrian “Gemütlichkeit” - a lifestyle that celebrates the finer moments in life.

Our Hand-Picked Golf Recommendations
  • Golf Club Gut Altentann

    Salzburg Designer: Jack Nicklaus

  • Diamond Country Club

    Vienna Designer: Jeremy Pern

  • Klessheim Golf Club

    Salzburg Designer: Robert Trent Jones Jr

  • Murhof Golf Club

    Graz Designer: Bernhard von Limburger

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