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Long seen as the exclusive playground of the rich and important, golf courses in Japan are now making golf more accessible. There are just shy of 2,350 courses dotted across Japan offering facilities and degrees of difficulty to suit all tastes and abilities. Many Japanese courses are renowned for their beauty, their perfect maintenance and, often, technical requirements that will challenge even the most accomplished players. A round of golf in Japan is usually assumed to be an all-day event that includes a leisurely lunch break between the first and back nine. Many of the top courses have their own on-site onsen in the clubhouse to relax in after a round, a highly unique experience.

Courses can be found from Hokkaido in the far north of Japan to Okinawa at the other end of the archipelago. Many are clustered in the countryside within close driving distance of the major cities. The Olympic Games 2020 will raise the profile of Japan as a golfing destination, and so will Japan´s first PGA TOUR event in October 2019 as part of the annual swing through Asia.

In addition to high quality golf, Japan wows with stunning nature, impressive culture, friendly people and world-famous cuisine. You can expect to find a highly seasonal menu serving regional specialties and dishes as delicious as they are photogenic. While sushi is arguably Japan's most famous dish, there are plenty of meat and vegetable alternatives to choose from.

What areyou waiting for? Tee it up in Asia's best kept golfing secret and get ready for a culinary and cultural journey of discovery! Our tailored packages have been designed to showcase the very best as well as amazing hidden gems of Japan!

Our Hand-Picked Golf Recommendations
  • Tokyo Golf Club

    Sayama City, Saitama Designer: Komyo Ohtani

  • Hakone Country Club

    Kanagawa, Shizuoka Designer: Shiro Akaboshi

  • Seta Golf North Course

    Otsu, Shiga, Kyoto Designer: Seiichi Inoue

  • Tsu Country Club

    Katadahasecho, Tsu, Mie Designer: Masashi Ozaki and Kentaro Sato

  • Narita Golf Club

    Narita City, Tokyo Designer: Taizo Kawata

  • Nemu Golf Club

    Shima, Mie Designer: Damien Pasukutsuo

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