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Long considered as the exclusive playground of the rich and important, golf courses in Japan are now making golf more accessible. 3000+ diverse courses spread across Japan´s thousands of islands, from Hokkaido in the far north to Okinawa at the other end of the archipelago. Japanese courses are specifically renowned for their natural beauty, their perfect maintenance and exceptional service. A round of golf in Japan is typically an all-day event that includes a lunch break in between the front and back nine. Many courses have their own "onsen" (hot water pool) in the clubhouse, perfect to relax and soothe your muscles after your round of golf. Playing golf in Japan is certainly a highly unique experience.

In addition to high quality golf, Japan wows with stunning nature, impressive culture, friendly people and world-famous cuisine. You can expect to find a highly seasonal menu serving regional specialties and dishes as delicious as they are photogenic. While sushi is arguably Japan's most famous dish, there are plenty of meat and vegetable alternatives to choose from.

What are you waiting for? Tee it up in Asia's best kept golfing secret and get ready for a culinary and cultural journey of discovery! A golf & lifestyle tour to Japan is not only highly memorable but transformational. The participants of Japan´s very first epic GolfPlus Adventure specifically designed for women golfers are still raving about their Japan adventure last October.

Take the opportunity and join our epic 2024 journey to the most unique golf destination on this planet!

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