9 Must-Have Accessories for Golfing in the Rain

FFCG May 20, 2019

Don't let a little rain stop you from hitting the green! Here are some must-have accessories to make sure you get the most out of your game... rain or shine.

Golfing in wet conditions presents a whole new set of challenges, even for the most experienced golfers. Rain changes your grip, your view, comfort, and the course itself, but it doesn’t have to stifle your game! If you’re up for the challenge, we’ve compiled a list of essential accessories you’ll want to invest in for when you’re faced with some stormy weather.

1. Rain Suit

The best rain suits protect you without restricting your swing. Invest in a rain jacket, rain pants and headgear that are designed to stretch, keep you cool and dry, are lightweight, and that you can adjust if need be.

2. Umbrella

Well, this seems obvious, but a quality golf umbrella will help keep you and your equipment protected from the elements. Look for a sturdy umbrella with a large canopy, preferably with double layers to help air flow through, so it doesn’t turn inside out.

3. Grips

Ensure that your club doesn’t get away from you on the driving range with dry grips. Some grips perform better than others when wet so make sure yours can withstand a little moisture.

4. Gloves

Keep at least one pair of gloves in a plastic bag in your golf bag so that even if a pocket is left open, they haven’t gotten soaked. You can also invest in rain gloves that are designed specifically to grip well when wet.

5. Footwear

Be sure to wear waterproof shoes and pack a pair of dry socks, preferably storing them in a sealed plastic bag. When looking for waterproof shoes, GoreTex is a quality fabric that is breathable but still protects your feet.

6. Lotion

In a drizzle, you may not see the need for carrying around a lot of accessories; try using a grip control lotion to maintain your grip on the club. One application should last you several hours.

7. Golf Bag Hood

Keep your clubs dry with a waterproof hood for your golf bag. Look for one that is lightweight, easily attachable and snug.

8. Towels

Pack several towels for rainy day golf games. You’ll want to put these in seal-able plastic bags as well. Keep in mind that you won’t only be using them to dry your face and hands; you’ll also be using them frequently to dry your clubs and the seat of your golf cart, so pack plenty.

9. Spare scorecard

It’s not a bad idea to keep an extra scorecard in a dry place if you want to keep track of your score. Here’s a little tip too: It might seem like a no-brainer but jotting down your scores every few holes or so (instead of every hole) will help you keep your card out of the rain longer. Sometimes, we forget the small things.

With the right outlook and equipment, a little rain doesn’t have to keep you from the first-class courses along Florida’s First Coast. Just keep in mind that you’re carrying around a metal rod, so at first sight of lightning, be safe and call it quits until the storm blows over. Otherwise, a little water never hurt anyone, so get your gear, stay dry and enjoy your game!

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