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Golf is the Perfect Business Platform

Gene Pini
Gene Pini Sep 01, 2018

It was on the fairways of Pebble Beach in the summer of 2005 that two men discussed a deal that would have a major impact on two of today’s global internet companies. Jerry Yang of Yahoo and Jack Ma of Alibaba came to terms of a Yahoo investment into the rising star Alibaba. Today we see the benefits of this partnership with Alibaba breaking all previous records as the largest IPO in history after pricing its offering at $68 per share on Sept. 18, 2014. After an overallotment option the total proceeds rose to $25 billion, easily surpassing the likes of Visa and Facebook.

The secret recipe for this real-life fairy tale is not hard to fathom. Golf is a unique sport with an almost mystical ability to bring forth a person's integrity, decision making abilities, mental fortitude and honesty. An individual's behavior on the golf course accurately mirrors their personality on other spheres of life, most notably business. The Yahoo-Alibaba story is just one of the numerous associations formed between businesses from both sides of the Pacific, with their origins on a iconic fairway of California.

China California Golf Group and its sister company Elite Golf Experiences carry on this legacy by designing and offering exclusive platforms and programs for thought leaders, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to converge around a common passion for golf. The highly experienced Team engages with public bodies and private corporations in both China and the United States by positioning golf as the perfect vehicle for expanding of trade and commerce.

For details on unique corporate golf & Lifestyle events, contact Evelyn Gruber, President of Elite Golf Experiences and CEO of China California Golf Group.

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