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2018 Masters Guide for your Ultimate Experience!

Evelyn Gruber
Evelyn Gruber Mar 19, 2018

Going to Augusta this year or plan to in the future?

During the first full week in April every year the finest golfers are drawn to the most pristine course in the world to play in The Masters. This spectacular event has become the most prestigious tournament in golf; winning the Green Jacket is the mark of a true champion!

Only a fortunate few spectators (called patrons) stream through the gates, leave the commonplace behind, and cross over to golf’s promised land. A different world, one that never seems to change, one that is steeped in tradition, one that takes your breath away because of its sheer beauty.

It was like Disney World and fantasy land, something like that, wrapped together, and it's true. I loved the golf course the first time I saw it. The history, the beauty, the challenge of the course ... it's such a great place. It was my first time, and I'll never forget it.” Tiger Woods

Tiger is not the only one. No one forgets his first time, and this is true for players and spectators alike. In the world of golf, Augusta National is a prize most sought and then cherished, an entry on every golf fan's bucket list, a land unmatched by any other that entices all the senses.

The Masters has truly built a mystic around its annual tournament Masters badges, however, are among the most coveted tickets for any event, sporting or otherwise. But if luck just French-kissed you and you have - first time ever - a ticket to The Masters in your hands, you want to make sure to get the most for your $.

This 23-Page 2018 Masters Guide packed with 16 valuable tips will help you to maximize your experience at The Masters!


Inside you'll discover:
- Where to take Augusta's Most Perfect Picture
- How to beat the crowds and grab the BEST spots to watch the action
- How to park for FREE to save a small fortune!
- The Do's and Don'ts to keep yourself out of the doghouse
- How to hunt for autographs at the right place

- And much more!

See you in Augusta!

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